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I want to show you why our clients use Forsenders services for email marketing campaign management and trust us to manage their reputation.

Forsenders is not just an email marketing agency who creates a campaign on behalf of clients and sends it out. We do more, and here is a short brief about them and us.

WE - forsenders.com

THEY - some marketing agencies

We check each draft campaign content deliverability to the top email service providers, such as Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others to make sure a client campaign gets delivered in the inbox.

They send it out or trust some services spam score tools.

We have an IT technical background what allows us to help our clients with their technical needs, such us domain DNS settings management, domain authentication, domain protection with DMARC, email configurations and a lot more.

They don’t have a background on IT, or they do outsourcing.

We monitor our client’s domain reputation in Postmaster-Google and other tools to make sure our client’s domain reputation is well to deliver emails into the inbox.

They think it is not necessary or they don’t know how to do that.

If our clients want to send out emails independently from other senders, we help them set up and warm up dedicated IP addresses. Also, we monitor and manage these IP addresses blacklists.

They don’t have experience in this.

We review client draft campaigns, subject lines, and content, to make sure no low engagement words added, and the client can get higher engagement from email campaigns.

They are not aware of how to do that.

We help our clients with compliance, such us GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL. We also have the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who help our clients with data protection issues.

They may do the same.

We do email campaigns deliverability audits what give our clients insight why email campaign has low open rates.

They don’t have experience in this.

We help to analyze clients email sending platforms. e.g., is does they are good enough for email marketing campaigns. Sometimes emails get delivered in junk because of the platform what our clients use to deliver emails, not their reputation.

They don’t do this or have a lack of experience to do this.

We help our clients with list hygiene to remove bad emails in cases such as new or for a while not used email list gets added.

They do not use the best list-hygiene services in the industry.

We help our clients with re-activation, re-subscribe campaigns.

They may do the same.

We manage our client’s campaigns in more than one Email Marketing Service provider. We do it in MailChimp, Mailigen and other services.

Some of them choose only one.

We do campaign management on behalf of the client. We not only accept the content and email list but send suggestions for improvements.

Some of them only accept and send it out.

We create email marketing strategies with insight into the deliverability. So, our clients do not lose their domain reputation and can get a higher conversion rate from the campaign. Here are some of our tactics what we apply. 

They do strategies, but some of them don’t have long term experience on email deliverability.

We consult our clients via phone call, chat, or email.

Some of them do the same.

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