Email Delivery & Deliverability strategy

Hard to get emails delivered in the inbox, you get your emails bounced back, or your business domain reputation is affected? Crisis to deliver emails as you want? Contact me, and I’ll engage with strategy development to get your emails delivered.

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Email Deliverability audits

Do your emails open rate is below 15% or does your emails fall in junk folder in some of email service providers? I can do a deliverability audit, preparing checklist on how to improve the open rate and get emails delivered out of junk.

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Worldwide Email Deliverability review & report

Does your business operate worldwide? Would you like to see how your emails are delivered in more than 70 email services providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Apple, Comcast? Contact me.

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Data Hygiene

If your email list gets collected for more than one year, it may contain email users who have never opened your emails and affected your reputation and engagement. With data hygiene, poor email gets removed from the list. Before list hygiene, I do an audit to make sure if list hygiene is needed or not.

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Brand protection

You would like to send out emails on behalf of your organization, so they look legitimate?, And you want to give trust to your email users, so they open your attachments? Contact me, and I can help you arrange this.

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Blacklist resolving

Can’t your email receiver find your email or your email gets blocked? Possible some details what was included in your send out is in a blacklist. I can check your organization domain, IP addresses, and other information if they are blacklisted, so we can work to remove them and get emails delivered.

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Monitoring tools for your organisation domain

Would you like to set up monitoring tools where your organization representative can follow up your email reputation in Microsoft, Google and others? Contact me, and I’ll help you set up these tools and explain how to monitor, what need to check, what need to do with results.

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Domain authentication

Do you send your organization domain authenticated emails? When authentication fails, it affects email delivery and deliverability quality. Also your emails users may see that emails get received from you together with 3rd party service. I can help authenticate your emails, so your email receivers can look that emails come from you.
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In the email industry is a couple of certification services where you can certify your business page and IP addresses to get higher email delivery quality. All starts with an audit and procedures to get organization approved. I can help you get there.

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Domain protection with DMARC and DMARC monitoring

Would you like to see who send out emails on behalf of your organization without your permission or what kind of emails are sent out without authentication? Or you would like to protect your organization domain against phishing attack? DMARC setup for your domain is chosen to do this. Contact me!
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White lists

If you send out emails according to whitelist services practices, I can help your organization get into the global whitelist services, and I can make your organization compliant with whitelist services guidelines.

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When you send out emails without following reputation services recommendations, in some reputation services, your reputation may be lousy. Lousy reputation also affects email deliverability quality. I can check your organization reputation in more than ten reputation services, giving report and guidelines on how to improve, if reputation is affected.



Sometimes after a bad sending practice, the organization may appear in bad rating classification in various online services. Bad rating may affect your organization email delivery in some of email services providers. I Can check your organization classifications, giving a report.

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Email Marketing Strategy, Newsletters and list management

You’re sending out emails, but you expect to get better results? Or you have a business, and you don’t have a person who can do email marketing? You can involve me to do email marketing behalf of your organization. My approach is to get more opens and clicks and to save and improve reputation.

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Does your organization have a newbie in email marketing or technical department or your organization have a lot of email marketing specialists, but they would like to know more about tendencies in email delivery and deliverability? I can help on 1 to 1 or group coaching in email delivery and email marketing practices. P.s. I also have experience in data protection and security as DPO. Part of data protection and security learning is in coaching lessons.

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FeedBack Loop (FBL) setup and consulting

You’re sending emails, and you would like to know who reports your email as junk? I can help you set up your infrastructure in FBL services and give consulting due to the reports from FBL services.

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Domain and organisation IP addresses warmup (Dedicated IP)

When you send out emails from a dedicated domain and IP addresses, your email sending quality is more protected, so other senders cannot affect you. Moving to a dedicated solution must be smart, following a lot of step by step principles so a new dedicated solution is configured well and protected from burnout. I can help you configure smoothly warmup your dedicated solution, working with issues what appears in warming processes.

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Email Delivery Infrastructure Analysis

Do you send out emails from your infrastructure and you’re not aware if it confirms to a modern standard? Wrongly configured email infrastructure or some inaccuracies in infrastructure may affect your email delivery and deliverability quality. It could be just a one setting why emails get delivered in a junk folder. I can analyze your email sending infrastructure and share report where are some error and warnings and what must be improved.

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You’re interested or do you have some questions? Contact me!