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According to Return Path data, 1 of 5 legitimate emails get delivered in junk/spam folder or blocked. From some email senders more and from some senders less. One dominant email service provider where emails may get delivered into the junk folder is Gmail. When it happens, it is a significant signal for senders that something is wrong and senders must act.

Gmail has more than 1.5 billion email users what is 40% percent from worldwide 3.8 billion email services users. And still, the number of Gmail users increasing day by day.

So, probably you send 40% or even more emails to Gmail users.

When 40% of sender emails get delivered in a junk/spam folder, it is a considerable impact to senders business. It affects sales, clicks, conversation, revenue, and reputation.

Solution? Forsenders has one! We manage clients Gmail reputation with Gmail Postmaster Tools.

Gmail Postmaster Tools is a helpful instrument what shows sender domain reputation in 4 levels.

High - Is a great signal to deliver sender emails into the inbox folder.

Medium - Is an acceptable signal to deliver sender emails into the inbox folder and tiny part into the junk folder.

Low - Emails are sent in the junk folder and tiny part in the inbox. So better to improve reputation.

Bad - Mail coming from this level will almost always be delivered in the spam folder. So sender must improve reputation.

When reputation is in Medium and High levels, it is fine. But when Low and Bad, it comes to harder and harder to get new emails delivered into the Gmail inbox.

Forsenders can help you setup Gmail Postmaster Tools with your domain and manage its reputation.

And that's not all. We can monitor your domain reputation on a daily basis and send a weekly status report.

P.s. I have one useful article which I would like to share with you - how to use and setup Google Postmaster tool. In the article, I mention steps how you can setup tool and monitor it.

If you think that tool and reputation management is complicated to you, Forsenders is here to do that work behalf of you. We will help you with your domain reputation management and strategies to improve it. Also, if you’re using a more than one email sending platforms, e.g., for newsletters, transactions, private emails, we will help you to get your domain authenticated in these platforms.

We do the work easy for our clients, helping them on chats, phone calls, emails.

Now feel free, fulfill this form and let's start step by step work together.

Additional I want to share a couple of examples from a sender's reputation management.

#1 - client reputation affected due to email volume increase to low engagement recipients. When we found out reputation damage, we questioned the client about his actions. We gave guidelines, and slowly he got back his reputation.


#2 - Client reputation was High before he used some marketing tactics what affected client reputation to Medium level. We questioned the client about his actions. In that time it was hard for the client to comply with our guidelines and reputation drop till low level what affected client sales. We created a strategy, client accepted, and he got back his reputation to medium.

#3 - New client needed a solution to avoid from Gmail junk folder. When we added clients domain in postmaster tool, we found out that the client has Low reputation. Also, by analyzing customer email sending practices, they were not so well. We created strategies and customer get his domain up to medium. When we implemented solution, client got more emails delivered into the inbox.

#4 - We also follow up clients IP reputation. If some of the clients IP addresses reputations are not so well, we highlight IP addresses services to improve reputation. In some cases, we help clients with dedicated IP addresses solutions.

Still not sure if your domain reputation monitoring is essential to you?

I'm working in the email industry for more than eight years. I know Gmail and, I follow it up on a daily basis. When sender's damage their reputation and do not take action, later it is harder to get reputation back. So it is recommended to monitor it and manage processes ASAP as reputation gets affected.

Also, you can get a bonus if your domain reputation will be good and stable and no reputation strategies needed. The gift is a 50% discount for additional months daily reputation monitoring and weekly status report.

Contact us, and let’s start work together!

Best wishes,
Alexander Vilum
Founder of Forsenders

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