Here you can find most common questions::

What’s a difference between email deliverability and email delivery?

Email Deliverability is the process of ensuring that emails sent to the inbox as opposed to being blocked or ending up in the spam folder. Email Delivery is the process of emails delivered in any folder what wasn’t bounced or rejected.

What is email engagement?

Email engagement  means how your recipients interact with your emails. Good interactions mean that email users open your emails, mark as important, move to inbox folder, forward them, reply or add an address book, categorize. Bad interactions mean that email users mark your email as spam, delete without reading, uncategorize, block, report email as phishing or scam.
Getting more good interactions from your email users, you will get a better reputation, higher open rate, click through rate, conversation, and ROI. To get good interactions, you must follow a lot of practices, such as infrastructure settings, way of collecting email list and so on.
Mailbox providers will rely more on subscribers engagement for filtering decisions.