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You’re in the right place if you’re looking for advice to deliver emails to the inbox.

There are thousands of influencing factors why emails are delivered to the junk/spam folder. One sender may have issues with content, another with infrastructure, sender reputation, and settings. So, to get out specific influencing factors, we offer a practical solution – Deliverability audit & strategy.

The audit includes focusing on your message, infrastructure, and your reputation. We highlight why an email has been delivered to the junk/spam folder. After visualizing the problem, we create documentation and consult with the client to improve results and what the client needs to get done.

Doing an audit on behalf of senders, we take our best tactics into action.
Patterns are analyzed step by step, and a search is done for all possible causes that affect email deliverability. When it’s done, we resolve what can be resolved immediately and create strategies for each case.

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With an audit, you get more opportunities to increase your click rate up to a high 4% so you can double up sales.

Not sure how many of your emails may get delivered into the junk folder? I can help with the Worldwide Email Deliverability review & report.

Here are a couple of examples with whom our clients faced delivering emails into the inbox.


All client emails appeared in Gmail spam folder. We did an audit and found that the problem is in content. Analyzing content details, we figured out, that problem was with lousy word what was hiding in HTML code – image ALT tag. Removing it, we removed the problem.


Part of client emails gets delivered in junk, part in an inbox. Settings and content were the same, and the client used the same IP addresses. We found out that emails get sent in junk folder because of low content reputation. Improving content, we removed the problem and customer started to deliver emails into the inbox.


A client sent out emails without domain authentication. Everything would already be fine, but DMARC p=quarantine settings have protected client domain. So unauthenticated emails appeared in top email services junk folder. We authenticated client domain, and he got his emails delivered into the inbox.


Return of client email marketing strategy has been too low due to spam complaints, and small open rate. Also, it was hard for a client to deliver emails outside of junk folder in some email service providers. We implemented new email marketing strategies with best practices. The client started adjusting them. Shortly after that client got a higher open rate and increased reputation up from Low to High.

These are only a few of our customer’s cases. There are a lot more and harder ones, such as low engagement sentences, HTML with errors, low reputation in Gmail, and low engagement subject lines.

If your emails get delivered to the inbox, it is excellent. But if not, let’s connect and talk about how we can improve your email deliverability results and increase your open rate.

We do it well with an analytical approach.

Let’s work together!
Best wishes
Alexander Vilum
Founder of Forsenders

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