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We all use emails, since 1971 when the first email has been sent out.

Email is still the best marketing channel. For every $1 you put into the email marketing, you can expect to get up to $40 back in revenue. But to do so, your email delivery and deliverability must be stable.

In the email industry are more than 200 blacklist services, a lot of reputation services and lot of mail service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Mail.Ru, 163.com, Att.net, Orange.fr, qq.com, Zoho and a lot more of them.

Each of these services has triggers when they may block your organization domain or email sending infrastructure. Also triggers when they deliver your emails into the inbox, spam/junk or quarantine them. To keep a good reputation, avoid from the blacklist and deliver emails in the inbox, you should follow practices to speed up your email delivery quality.

A massive amount of legitimate daily emails sent in junk/spam folder due to the wrong email sending configuration or due to insufficient experience.


Alexander Vilum. He challenges himself in the email industry since 2010. On behalf of ESP, SMTP services and marketing agencies he had helped countless email senders.

Alexander likes to think outside of the box, and he loves to rely on his intuition. On challenges, he takes an analytical approach to help clients resolve their issues. For him, clients' growth is company success.

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